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Standard size Snap Lock Chicken Coop - for 2 - 3 full size chickens.



Ready to get started with your very own backyard flock? This standard size chicken coop from Snap Lock is easy to put together so you'll spend less time putting together a coop and more time with your new feathered friends! The perfect coop for anyone new to backyard chickens. 

You (and your chickens) can sleep well at night knowing that this coop is secure. There are latches (carabiners or locks not included) to make sure your chickens are protected. This coop features an easy to clean litter tray. You'll have easy access to collect all of those delicious fresh eggs. This coop also features adjustable ventilation. The insulated, double-wall construction will help keep your chickens warm during the winter and cool in the summer. 

This standard size coop is the perfect fit for a smaller flock of 2 - 3 chickens. Makes a great standalone coop for a brooding hen or a quarantine home for a sick or injured chicken.

Snap Lock Chicken Coops are made from UV stable polyethylene. Your coop will not rot and requires no painting for easy maintenance.

Overall Dimensions: 42” X 39” X 29” inches
Weight: 40 lbs

This coop is proudly made in the USA!

(Ramp and elevated base not included)

This coop features a 30-day return policy. The coop must be returned in new, unused condition within 30 days.