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Hemp Bedding for Small Pets & Chickens - High Grade Hemp, Extra Large 44lb Bale from Aubiose

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NEW 44 lb bale of hemp bedding is available!

In 2018, I was incredibly frustrated with the type of bedding that I was using for my chickens. My biggest complaint is that the bedding did very little to absorb the chicken poop. After the chickens would poop on the bedding, some hen would inevitably walk on it on her way to lay an egg. This always resulted in poop-covered eggs! 

When I made the switch to hemp bedding, I was thrilled with how much cleaner my eggs were. The absorbent nature of the hemp bedding helps to absorb the moisture from the poop and dry up faster. As an added benefit, there was a lot less dust! I really appreciated the less dusty part when it came time to clean out the coop.

And hemp bedding breaks down in your compost twice as fast as pine shavings! 

About Auboise products:
  • A HEALTHIER CAGE & COOP ENVIRONMENT: Hemp bedding is noted for it's extremely absorbent properties, which reduces odors and makes your coop care easier and more fulfilling! 
  • ULTIMATE COMFORT FOR YOUR BIRDS | This extra soft hemp bedding is comfortable on their feet, and will stay nice and dry while keeping them warm!
  • SAVE ON TIME, LABOR, & MONEY | You should only need 1-2 bales per year with an average size coop! We highly recommend the deep litter method where you only do a thorough coop cleanout once a year (or less!)