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New Country Organics soy-free Starter feed - 10 lb bag

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Now available in a 10 lb package!

Want to raise strong, healthy birds? Start your chicks off right with New Country Organics starter feed.

You'll feel great knowing that your chicks are getting all the nutrients they need. Packed with a 21% protein content to help your chicks grow and grow strong.

New Country Organics Certified Organic, Soy-Free, Starter Feed is essentially the same as the Broiler Feed, but with a higher protein content (21% vs. 19%) and ground finer for baby chicks. We suggest soy-free Starter Feed for the first 4 weeks of the feeding cycle. Then switch to our soy-free Broiler Feed. The larger pieces of grain in our feed should stimulate the development of the gizzard and help produce healthier adult birds. 

New to chickens? Download the FREE CityChick feed reference guide! Click here to download.

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