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"My birds love CityChick DoGood Grubs and gobbled them up immediately. The protein content helps them move through the molt quickly as well and back to productive laying."

Thomas C.

"Because managing odor is important for our urban farm at the Decatur Alpaca Cottage, I have tried quite a few products on the market. Bedding Buddy did a fantastic job not only with her nesting boxes, but also for areas in our alpaca field that needed a little extra attention. I will definitely be purchasing again!"

"My chickens love this feed! We've been using it for years and only recently learned about CityChick. They have made our favorite feed so much easier to get."

Amy P.

"I use hemp bedding in my chicken coop and rabbit litter box. It keeps down the odor in the coop, is easy to spot clean and less dusty. The rabbits don't have to cleaned out nearly as much. Love love love this stuff."

Michelle W.

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Supplement your flock's diet with extra calcium for "eggstra" hard eggshells. Sold in compostable bags.

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Since CityChick started, we've donated over 5 TONS of delicious organic chicken feed to the Wylde Center located in Decatur, Georgia.

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