CityChick ceramic eggs - package of 2 eggs

Your two CityChick ceramic eggs are packaged in compostable packaging. The color of ceramic eggs may vary from what's in the photos.

Ceramic eggs have been used by chicken keepers for many years. Here are a few examples on how to use ceramic eggs with your flock:

Want to teach your chickens where to lay? Simply place the ceramic eggs in the nesting boxes when your chickens are about ready to lay eggs. Pro chicken keeping tip: write the word "fake" with a permanent marker on your ceramic egg. My mom was staying with us on the farm and I forgot to tell her that I put out ceramic eggs. She collected them all up and tried cracking them on the counter!

Want to discourage an egg-eating chicken? Simply place a few ceramic eggs out in the nesting box. Again, see the pro-chicken keeping tip above!

Want to encourage a hen to go broody? Ceramic eggs are a great way to entice your hen to want to be a momma! Once she's sitting, you can swap out the ceramic eggs for fertilized eggs.